Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh boy am I in for it!

Well we had our first homework session tonight! Miss K declared I don't like homework ITS BORING! And proceeded to fight me for the first 10 minutes of an assignment that should have taken 5 minutes!

We made it through finally. Ok, Mommy do I have homework ALL THE TIME?!?!?!

Then I made the mistake of going to our cousin's for dinner tonight. No more things on a school night. She freaked when we had to leave. It was already past her bedtime. She proceeded to cry and yell for the first 5 minutes of our drive. Then we had a nice talk about Kindergarten. She has decided it is too hard. Montessori was easy, this is hard. I can't do it Mommy, I just can't. :( Broke my heart. I explained to her how we learn things. Learning isn't always easy but its a part of life. She is a such a smart little girl. I know she can do anything. It turned into a great talk and moment for me until . . .

We started talking about the months and she actually argued with me that their was no March. I mean this girl ARGUED about it. Then started crying and yelling. (Can we say overtired?) I had to pull out the school calendar when we got home and prove to her I actually know the months of the year! Later, it came out that on one of the boards at school they have the months. Next to the months is a birthday cake for any child in the class that has a birthday. There's no birthdays in March. So I said, ok but Kendyl there's still going to be a March even if there are no birthdays in the Happy Hearts class of her school! Aye Aye Aye! I'm in trouble~~~


Carrie said...

Oh no, what a night! I have to admit I kind of giggled about there being no March. But I know what it feels like to have a kid that tired, and it's no fun!


PS Why does your profile say you are an accountant from Aphganastan??? lol (Okay I totally can't spell that word)

Suz said...

ROFL! I have no idea why it said that! Just trying to confuse everyone!!!!!!

Mega said...

OMG Suz! So Funny!! I think we have a little lawyer in the making with all that arguing.. Too cute!