Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ladies Night

Well last night I had a Ladies Only party. I had a good turn out from family and friends. We had laughs, munchies, and a few drinks. I really needed a few hours of fun. We spent the time before it running around with dance and swimming and trying to get the place in order plus make all the munchies. (Tastefully Simple stuff of course!)

Sent out Miss K's birthday invitations. Got the last two addresses I needed so those will go out on Monday. I can't believe her birthday is three weeks away.

After care on Friday went well. She was out on the playground when I went to pick her up. She was EXHAUSTED and we attempted to go to a Chinese Buffet for dinner and she fell asleep in the car. Poor baby. But she woke up good and ate like crazy!!

We completed her first project today. We had to decorate a folder, front and back, with people, places, and things Kendyl can write about. They are doing a writing workshop and will use these pictures as inspiration. Here is the picture:

We found clipart, pictures and stickers of things she likes. We printed them and the three of us cut and glued it to the folder. It was a fun family project. She put in pictures of herself with her BFF Miss J and her sister Miss G. Along with her cousin Mr. J from PR and her baby cousins Miss C and Miss T. (Also in the middle is the three of us and we couldn't forget our fur friend Mr. O!) I think it came out really well.

We also got some downtime at home today which is rare these days! Miss K and I cuddled on the couch and watched the new Barbie movie, Barbie is the Island Princess or something like that. Then we went to Titi's for a BBQ. Probably one of the last for the season. :(

Overall it was a nice weekend. Miss K asked me tonight when school was going to end. *SIGH* I told her not for a long time. She replied "Like Montessori?"

Oh I forgot this Miss K funny! She was telling my Mom on Friday how she didn't want to go to aftercare. My Mom said she had to b/c her and my Dad weren't going to be home. So Miss K says to my Mom, "Well, Nana, you can give a key!" LOL Like CPS wouldn't be banging down my door for having a 4 year old latch key kid. Plus the bus driver won't even let her off the bus if an adult isn't there! Too funny the things they come out with.

So I'm hoping for a better week this week. No crying about going to school this weekend. Although she didn't want to go to dance and she didn't want to go to swimming! But she went to both and had a great time!! Swimming is over now so its just school and dance on Saturdays now.

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Laura said...

Tell K that her sister loves her and is so happy to be included as one of her inspirations!!