Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fun weekend

Friday was K's Back to School BBQ. H, myself, K, and Mrs. D, and Miss J. went with us. K had so much fun running around with all her new friends and screaming to me everytime someone I hadn't met came up to her. I got two more responses to her party. (Only 4 people have responded from her class so far. GRRRR) I got to chat with some of the parents too which was very nice. One boy's father turned out to be Mrs. D's ex-boyfriends cousin! How weird is that! I was very proud of K because when Miss J would sit down, K always came back to her to check on her before running off with her friends from school again. She made sure to include Miss J in things and not forget about her BFF.

Our girls got to run around the playground and then came back to our house to play together, which is much further in between since starting school. You could tell they were just happy to be together. Even as tired as you could tell they both were, there were no arguments and as Mrs. D and I were practically falling asleep on the couch after enjoying our Starbucks, they were happily playing in K's room with Polly Pockets.

Yesterday, H played in a softball tournament, K had dance, then we went to lunch with Mrs. D & Miss J and then K went with them for a sleepover. I went home and napped until H got home. We got Chinese take out and watched two movies. Kind of lame when we could have done anything but we were both so tired, it was all we wanted to do. But as we said, we did it together and that's whats important!

Today is dinner at BIL and SIL's house. Surf and turf! YUMMY! Going to pick up my little one it a little bit. I missed her terribly last night.

I have to go away for work next week for three days. K is not going to be happy about that. She freaked when I went to Michigan in April for Grandpa's funeral and being as emotional as she's been since starting school, I'm sure its going to be worse those three days.

Off to go get my baby!

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