Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Bye Bye Baby Tooth

Well Miss K lost her first baby tooth today. She's had her two bottom ones loose since Halloween and the new teeth are already out but the first one FINALLY fell out!!!

She was brushing her teeth this morning and ran in to show me the tooth she spit out with her toothpaste. Here's a picture but its hard to tell because her permanent tooth has already grown in so much!

The tooth fairy came tonight and she'll be happy to see a $5 bill and a gold dollar coin. (This won't be a habit with all her teeth mind you, only the first one.) Her dentist gave us two gold dollar coins, one for each tooth that was loose and I've been carrying them around since Halloween!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Stereo Giveaway

Cool, check this out for to win a free stereo. My friend just won a bunch of toys from Parents from this website!



Well its been a bit crazy since coming back from vacation!!! Dad went to the ER on the 1st for falling off the roof while cleaning the gutters, Miss K had yet another bout of pneumonia, and Mom had oral surgery!

After almost a week of nebulizer treatments and visits to the dr Miss K is finally feeling better and went back to school today. She was so happy to be back. Poor kid really missed her class.

I forgot to mention Miss K was the student of the month for October! We are very, very proud of her. I got a magnet type bumper thing that says My child was Student of the Month . . . . She loves seeing it on my truck.

Miss K had her first bit of Christmas this weekend at my girlfriends holiday get together. This year it was at Mrs.T's house. Very yummy dinner and great company. And of course Miss K, Miss J, and Miss J were spoiled!!

Only 14 days until Christmas! I can't believe it. We're about 3/4 done with our shopping. Hopefully will finish this weekend!!

Ho ho ho, hope everyone is having a great Christmas season!