Saturday, November 24, 2007

Home from Vacation

We got home today from Orlando. We had a great week thanks to Mom and Dad!!! We spent the beginning of the week visiting Mickey and Disney and Shamu and Sea World then the rest of the week catching up with family and friends. Its nice to be home and Mr. O really missed us but was well cared for while we were gone.

The weather was perfect 70-80 with no humidity. We surprised Miss K with lunch in Cinderella's Castle with the princesses. It was great. H & I were pleasantly surprised with how good the food actually was. K got to see Mary Poppins, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Jasmine and of course was greeted by Cinderella. We loved it.

Back to work on Monday but only 4 weeks and we're off for the holidays!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Saw this on two other blogs that I read and I loved the idea, so here is mine:

Thirteen songs that bring memories rushing to my

1. Beautiful in My Eyes – Our wedding song. Ten years later and I still stop when I hear it.
2. Good Life by Inner Circle – this song was playing when H asked me to dance at the club we met at when we were 18.
3. I Will Remember You – Reminds me of my sister who passed away when I was a little girl. It always seems to play on the radio when I really need her.
4. Breakaway – Reminds me of my cousin who was taken from us. She could have written almost every word of this song.
5. & 6. Angel & There You’ll Be – I have a lot of songs that remind me of my lost loved ones. These are two of my favorites.
7. I Hope You Dance – I sang this to K all the time as a baby. I still sing it to her and this is my hope for her as she grows.
8. The whole Open Up and Say AHHH album by Poison – Summer of 1988, cruising down by the water in my friend DW’s new Honda CRX that she got for graduation. Had to make sure the right song was blasting from the radio as we drove through the town.
9. When I Hear Music by Shannon or any TKA song – going dancing with my BFF’s Mrs. D and Mrs. T. Ladies Night on Wednesdays and freezing our butts off waiting in line without a coat because we didn’t want to waste our money on checking it in!
10. We Are Family – obviously it makes me think of my family. I can picture all my Aunts dancing to this song at weddings. And both H and my family dancing to it at our wedding. Being crushed by his cousin’s in a giant hug.
11. Parents Just Don’t Understand – I can still picture DW and I rapping it out in my backyard while my Grandparents who were in town visiting watched in horror.
12. Any Three Dog Night song – reminds me of my parents playing that album, yes a record, 33 to be exact – on their kickin’ turntable, radio combination in the dining room.
13. Here Comes Ellie – the made up song my Uncle P used to sing to my cousin while pretending this stuffed elephant was singing. My family sung this to him for years. Actually still comes up in conversation whenever we’re picking on him.

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Its been a while!

I can't believe almost a month has passed since I posted! Thanks to everyone for still checking if I've updated.
Its been a crazy month. K's birthday weekend extravaganza went extremely well. The children behaved extremely well and seemed to really have fun. She loved having all her friends around her but did not like being sung Happy Birthday to. So the other two cakes she had we just all screamed HAPPY BIRTHDAY and she blew out the candle. Worked out much better even if its not the norm.

We then had a family Halloween get together with H's family. It was very cute and its always nice to spend time with family but unfortunately my Grandma had passed the day before so I wasn't really into it. Dad and I flew out the next day for the funeral. Its always sad to lose someone but Grandma hasn't been Grandma for a long time and since Grandpa passed 6 months prior, she was now in a better place and with her long time hubby. (Yelling at him for something I'm sure!! ) It was really nice to spend time with my family that I rarely see. Hopefully next year we can meet up for one or two long weekends.
Then came home in time for K's Trick or Treat Street at school. SmileyCentral.comIt was so cute. Mrs. D and J came with the three of us and the girls TOT'd down the hall in K's school and then watched a magician. A fun night topped off by getting a treat for the adults - Starbucks!! YUMMMY!
On Sunday we found out K's two bottom teeth are loose! I can't believe it. But when H looked in her mouth we realized that her permanent teeth are growing behind her baby teeth. We weren't sure if they were too far away to push out her baby teeth so we made an appt for the dentist. (Halloween at 1, which meant taking her out of school and missing her party.) She had her well visit at her Pedi. on Tuesday. Got a shot which she wasn't happy about and otherwise was great. That night she woke up burning up and having a really bad asthma attack. The three of us and the dog were up most of the night. She woke up the next morning with no fever and we chalked it up to a reaction to the shot and her asthma kicking in. She went to her Halloween parade at school which was very cute. H & I went to help the children in her class get into their costumes. She was soooooo happy to have H in her class as he hadn't been there yet.
Off to the dentist. Her teeth are fine and super loose. Mother Nature should be able to have them fall out soon. So the first two teeth she got in her life are on the brink of falling out! She went back to school for a little bit and then we TOT'd at the mall. It was a nice day. Next day I pick her up at school and the first thing she says is I need a treatment. I asked her why she didn't go to the nurse and she sad because the nurse is only for if you fall down and are bleeding. So while driving home I had to explain the function of the school nurse!! I give her a treatment when we get home and she falls asleep while doing it on the couch. Off to the dr we go. She has 101 temp, and ear infection, a sore throat, and her asthma. So she had to miss her very first day of school since it started in Sept. She was not happy about missing Library Day and missing school period. Hopefully she keeps up that love for school.
Busy weekend full of birthday parties and stuff. Thanks for trying to keep up. I'll try to be better about keeping you up!