Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I took today off to go to Miss K's school to help out. I had so much fun with the kids. She really has such a nice class! I helped them decorate their Valentine Mailboxes. Miss K really loves it when I come to class. I know it upsets her that I can't come every week like some Mom's. :(

H and Miss K woke me up this morning with a shiny red box. Inside was a beautiful necklace. Totally caught me by surprise since we usually only exchange cards for Valentine's Day.

After I left her class, I went food shopping and came home and scrubbed the bathroom. Fun afternoon but it is so much easier doing that when Miss K isn't home. Just get it done a lot quicker without tons of interruptions!

Since I was off I cooked H's favorite, my Tastefully Simple flank steak, bean pot potatoes and a salad. I cut up fresh strawberries for dessert with Cool Whip. (I joined WW again so I had to keep the dessert low cal!) Dinner was YUMMY!

Now he left for bowling, Miss K is asleep and I'm on the puter.

It was a great day though.


Carrie said...

Okay your dinner sounds fabulous! And I am so glad you had a good day - and were able to visit K. at school!

Rose said...

Maybe this will get you back to bloggin' -- you've been tagged. . . check my blog for details :)

Anonymous said...

I tagged you too! Girl we need an update!

Nicole H. said...

Hey do you plan on keeping up on this? I miss updates here too!