Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where did January go?

I can't believe January is almost gone! I feel like I blinked and it disappeared. Every weekend its been something. Last weekend was fun. My BIL and SIL made it official and got married on Sunday. A nice private ceremony and dinner afterwards at our family's favorite restaurant. Somehow the bride and groom were sat next to the kids (Miss K, Miss A, and Miss B) while the parents sat down the way other end. How sad is it that the children were better behaved then the parents. They sat down and colored and played nicely together. We on the other hand, were loud, VERY LOUD. We had so many laughs though. It was a great day and I'm so happy that R is now officially my SIL!!

This weekend H and I have a date! Miss K is sleeping over Mrs. D and Miss J's house on Saturday night. H made reservations for us at the new Melting Pot that opened up. I can't wait! I LOVE FONDUE! We haven't been out as just H & S in a while. (Usually its Miss K's Mom and Dad.) Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter to the ends of the earth but its nice to just worry about what I'm eating and not what she wants, did she eat, how much did she eat, etc.

Miss K is doing really well at "reading". When she tries, she does even better. I can tell you I now know why I am not a teacher! Can you say NO PATIENCE! But I am very impressed with her. Her writing has improved by leaps and bounds since September and her coloring is almost better then mine. LOL She is still loving school.

And just wanted to say Congrats to the Big Blue for making the Super Bowl. You made my hubby one happy man. (Sorry to all the Packer and Cowboys fans out there!) Now if they can just take down those darn Patriots!!


Rose said...

Amen to the Giants going to the super bowl! And double amen to the taking down the Patriots! :)

It's good to hear from you. Love and miss you!

Ham and Beans said...

I feel so bad that I have been so terrible at keeping in touch. I'm never on the computer at night and I so miss our chats. So good to hear that you and H are getting some adult time together. And great update on K. Big hugs!

Carrie said...

Hooray for the date night! And also for the Giants making it! I am totally rooting for them!