Monday, January 7, 2008

Its been a while

WOW, the holidays sure kept us running!! December is a blur. But we had a wonderful time during the holidays. H and I were off from work for 11 days with Miss K. Although I got a stomach bug the Sunday before Christmas and then had a really bad time with my asthma the few days after Christmas, it was great. We re-organized Miss K's room, bought a bin organizer for her closet, and organized our room a bit more. We spent time with family and friends and spent a lot of time playing games. I bought Miss K Trouble for Christmas as that was my all time favorite game as a kid. We've played at least one or two games every day since Christmas I think. (And H and I have actually played a few games while Miss K has been sleeping LOL!)

We spent Christmas Eve with H's family, Christmas Day with mine. It is so nice to see everyone and Miss K had a BALL with everyone and loved all her gifts. New Year's Eve is a big family night for H's family, so we spent it at his Aunt's house. Miss K made it until about 2 am before she looked at me with these sad eyes and said Mommy I want to go home! We spent New Year's Day at home, playing games and getting take out!

Had to go back to school and work last week. Miss K couldn't wait to go back. I hope she keeps this love for school past Kindergarten! I, on the other hand, would have been perfectly happy to win the lotto during my time off and not have to go back to work but alas that did not happen.

Oh and that second loose bottom tooth finally fell out of her mouth. So the tooth fairy and Santa came a night apart!

Hopefully life will calm down a bit for us so maybe I can get better at this bloggin thingy!

Hope 2008 is a great year for all of us!

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Ham and Beans said...

I feel like life goes by so quickly. Wish I was better at keeping in touch with you. Lets try to be better. I miss you.